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Coriolus PSP Gold

Coriolus Versicolor PSP mushroom mycelia extract
The name of mushroom  





... Coriolus Versicolor


... Yun Zhi

... Turkey Tail
  Information about Coriolus mushrooms

Mushroom beta-D-glucan diagram   Specifications & analysis
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Definition : One gram of mushroom extract contains minimum 250mg of bioactive polysaccharides dissolved in water at room temperature
Source : Hot water extract from mycelia of Coriolus COV-1, precipitated with ethanol
Identification : Coriolus Versicolor
Description : Brown powder with characteristic odour and taste
Extraction ratio : 8 : 1 *
Excipient : No
Particle size : 120 mesh
Shelf life : 4 years if properly stored **
Polysaccharides : Bioavailable 250mg/g Phenol-sulphuric acid & spectroscopy
Peptides : 18.5% RP-HPLC
Moisture : 5% BP 2011
Ash : 6% BP 2011
Remainder : Free sugars, amino acids RP-HPLC
Heavy metals : Pb less than 2.0 ppm ˆ VDLUFA VII; HR-ICPMS
  Cd less than 1.0 ppm ˆ VDLUFA VII; HR-ICPMS
  Hg less than 0.5 ppm ˆ §64 LFGB L00.00-19
Pesticides :
GC-MS multi-residue analysis of organochlorine pesticides †
§64 LFGB L00.00-34

GC-MS multi-residue analysis of phosphoric acid esters † §64 LFGB L00.00-34
  GC-MS multi-residue analysis of
other pesticides †
§64 LFGB L00.00-34
Radionuclides : CS-134 less than 2.0 Bq/kg ° Gamma-spectrometry
  CS-135 less than 2.0 Bq/kg ° Gamma-spectrometry
DNA identity : Coriolus Versicolor DNA sequencing
Tot. aerobic count : Less than 10,000 CFU/g §64 LFGB L06.00-18
E. Coli : None detectable LST-Bouillon/TBX
Salmonella : None detectable ISO 6579:2007-10
Yeast and mold : Less than 100 CFU/g ISO 21527, 2008-07
* All ratios are indicative only.
** If kept in its original, sealed package in a cool, dry and dark place away from heat, humidity and sunlight.
† ˆ ° Every Mycopharma® mushroom batch is independently tested and certified to provide absolute certainty. A detailed test results certificate is provided with every delivery specifying precise test results for heavy metals tests, checks against over 500 known pesticides, radioactive contaminants tests and DNA identity tests for precise mushroom species.
ˆ Complying to European Union (EU) 466/2001/EC standard.
† Complying to European Union (EU) 396/2005/EC and 91/414/EEC standards.
It is the client's responsibility to test goods immediately and fully upon receipt and before the use. Mycopharma® cannot and does not vouch for the accuracy of independent test results † ˆ ° provided by unaffiliated third-party service providers ("Service Providers") or other companies with a business relationship with Mycopharma® ("Business Partners"). By using the test results the client agrees that he dose so at his own risk. Mycopharma®, its Affiliates, Service Providers and Business Partner shall in no circumstances be liable for any and all liability, loss, injury, damages, costs and expenses (including legal fees and expenses) arising from such use.

Real PSP is never produced from fruitbodies

Published scientific studies of PSP have used only extracts derived from the mycelia stage of
the mushroom lifecycle, not extracts from fruitbodies (mature mushrooms). The PSP extracted from mycelia is chemically different to extracts from the fruit body later in the mushroom lifecycle. There are differences in monosaccharide composition (PSP has Galactose) and protein composition (PSP has peptides). It is the chemical composition of PSP from mycelia that has been the subject of scientific research.

Mycopharma® Coriolus PSP Gold mycelia extract is extracted from the mycelia stage of the Coriolus Versicolor mushroom lifecycle.

Mycopharma® Coriolus PSP Gold mycelia contains the highly-prized compound polysaccharide peptide, which has alpha (1-4), beta (1-3) and beta (1-6) glucoside linkages. The molecular weight is about 100K daltons.

The mycelium is produced through deep layer cultivation in pharmaceutical grade sterile production facilities. This is the only known process capable of producing the pure and potent mycelium needed
as the raw material for research-quality PSP.

Mycopharma® Coriolus PSP Gold is tested with NMR imaging to confi
rm that it has the same chemical structure as the PSP used in the original published research.

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